EPDM Roof Coatings

ProGuard LiquidRubber® EPDM Coatings

EPDM LiquidRubber® coatings are unique. Whilst most EPDM rubber coatings are sold in sheets which need to be cut and joined, our LiquidRubber® EPDM coatings are painted on with a squegee and a roller. This allows full coverage with no gaps or joins in the coating.

LiquidRubber® provides a seamless coating for troweled concrete, weathered metal roofing, foam, weathered siding or existing EPDM roof membranes.

LiquidRubber® can be used under roof gardens as it can withstand ponding water or immersion indefinitely. It can even be installed over lightly rusted surfaces without the need for a primer.

The unique combination of properties of LiquidRubber® include:

  • Penetrates into cracks and crevices
  • Can go directly over a lightly rusted surface
  • Drying is not affected by relative humidity
  • Freezing does not damage the coating as it is drying
  • Can withstand ponding water or immersion indefinitely
  • Tolerates a wide temperature range from -60ºF – 300ºF
  • Self levelling

We are so confident in the quality and longevity of this product, we offer a 10 year guarantee on a roof protected with EPDM LiquidRubber®