Fit Outs

Office Fit Outs

At London Interior Solutions we’re always happy to help our customers create a great work environment.

A fresh, modern office contributes to staff wellbeing & motivation and it contributes toward a sense of pride within any organisation. In any company, there is a lot of focus on marketing & sales. Often, all that marketing effort is with the aim of making appointments, to bring prospective clients in to your office to meet with your sales team. A great office space can help you to show those potential customers that you care and that you can get things done.

It makes sense the more you think about it. Why do car dealers take you in to a pristine showroom to sell you a car rather than a grubby garage? A great office space can be likened to a pristine showroom!

Our Approach to An Office Fit Out

Bringing an effective office fit out together takes a wide range of skills & experience. We help you with design and project management. We bring the trades under one roof, so you have one point of contact and one budget to worry about.

For any office fit out we can handle the heating & cooling, electrics, plumbing, kitchens, bathrooms, cabling and connectivity right through to video conferencing and server room set ups.

Once the fit out is complete, we can even help you with moving from your old premises in to your new offices. Think of us as a one stop shop for your office fit out requirements.

Considering an office fit out? Call us today.

Shop Fit Outs

When it comes to a shop fit out, we understand that environment is everything. To create the perfect atmosphere for retail, the lighting needs to be spot on, the styling must be on point. Even the music volume can have an effect on the bottom line.

At London Interior Solutions, we understand how crucial it is to get each of these elements just right. By keeping the project under one roof, we can help you to achieve this goal efficiently.

We can handle the Heating & Cooling, Air Conditioning, Electrics, Lighting, Shelving, Music systems & POS systems to keep your store at the forefront.

In retail, we understand that fashions change fast. Stay ahead of the game with London Interior Solutions.

Restaurant & Cafe Fit Outs

With the popularity of Cafes & Restaurants at an all time high, competition is fierce in the hospitality sector. We can help with any restaurant or cafe fit out with Mechanical & Electrical, heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, kitchen fitting, bathrooms, power supply, POS systems and music systems. We can also install appliances such as coffee machines and bar equipment.

We are happy to serve as a single point of contact, bringing the multiple specialist trades under one roof to deliver your fit out on time and on budget.

Co-Working Space Fit Outs

With the meteoric rise in remote working, we are seeing a trend toward co-working spaces in London. Whilst some freelancers use co-working space when looking for alternatives to working from home, larger organisations such as Google and Microsoft are also using co-working spaces for employees.

Co-Working spaces offer beautifully designed interiors in trendy areas, all for a reasonable monthly fee.

If you are opening a co-working space, we can help you with a full fit out. From design to HVAC, Electrical, Power Supply, Connectivity, Music Systems, Kitchen fitting, bathrooms – the whole suite of services.

We can help you to get your beautiful Co-Working space up and running. To bring all the trades under one project manager, under one roof, talk to London Interior Solutions today.